Bedroom project “Balkysh”

  • Россия, Казань
  • 21 m2
  • 2022

So, you’re a maximalist by nature, but really want to experience Marie Kondo’s life without the mess. . . You can still let your personality shine by getting rid of things that do nothing but take up space.

Limit your must-have additions to a wall where they won’t take up valuable space.

As you can see from this bedroom, a little creativity can go a long way. Creative interior architecture and characteristic wall elements are another way to fill a room with ornament without overwhelming the eye.

It would be hard to compete with the simplicity of this minimalist bedroom, but the strip of lighting behind the bed goes a long way towards creating ambiance and visual interest.

In the spacious master bedroom, texture over color, a massive Madeline Weinrib rug, BDDW leather chaise longue and layered linens. Bright white walls and simple black accents create an unassuming and uncluttered atmosphere, and a serene atmosphere is guaranteed.


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